AJX Consulting

We advise independent filmmakers, nonprofit organizations and private sector production companies, helping them bring great independent films to a variety of audiences.


For Filmmakers: We help you sell your work directly to the educational market. Our core services include carefully targeted E-marketing, listserv utilization, database development and consulting on other aspects of self-distribution. We will customize our scope of work to match your needs and capacity. We have found success for all of our clients, with their new and older titles.

For organizations and production companies: We help yours become a more efficient and effective business. Our services include environmental scanning, strategic and business planning, human resource advising and operations management. We work with you to develop plans that reflect your mission and maximize your future growth and expansion.

For filmmakers and other creators, and organizational and business leaders: We provide both life and career coaching. Feeling stuck about your current project or next project? Wishing to develop your organization or company more fully? Wanting to make a life change but uncertain about how to do it? We'll help you realize that next project or business direction.